Spring 2023

IE 471 Children and Youth in Global Context [CRN 21035]

Overview of Course

In this course, we will examine key issues affecting the well-being of children and youth from a global perspective. The interface of cultural values with dominant areas of social concern will be considered within the contexts of family, school, and community. Childhood socialization during an era of rapid global change will be addressed, and particular attention will be given to gender issues. The UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) will be studied and integrated throughout the course as major challenges and opportunities for children and youth are discussed. Models of effective intervention for at-risk youth will be explored, and factors related to positive development will be identified. In addition, we will compare and contrast the transition process from youth to adulthood from a personal point of view and in the context of the countries visited on the voyage. We will take advantage of our opportunities on Semester at Sea to observe and interact directly with children and youth from diverse cultures during field experiences. Classes will be engaging and full of hands-on activities.