Fall 2022

IE 492 International Educational Seminar [CRN 72124]

Overview of Course

This one-credit seminar explores the complexities of international development and the intersections with sustainable tourism. It provides the learning framework surrounding the two immersive, action-oriented Field Programs designed exclusively for Chapman Impact Student Scholars.

The Impact Cohorts (approximately 20-25 students each) will participate in two multi-day, in-country Field Programs to explore and support the work conducted by international partners. Field Programs will reflect the voyage’s specific Chapman Impact Program theme (such as conservation, education, etc.). Reflection on learning during and after the Field Program experiences is an integral component of the course.

In addition to Field Programs, the Impact Cohort will meet consistently during at-sea days to support community-building, engage intellectually, and reflect through critical analysis. Students will prepare for each on-ship class by completing relevant readings and assignments. Prior to each Field Program, students will learn about our in-country partners and communities and engage in activities to support learning outcomes. After each Field Program, students will debrief, process, synthesize, and reflect on the experience.

All members of the Impact Cohort are expected to attend and be active and engaged participants throughout the on-ship meetings and the two Field Programs. Upon successful completion of the course, all cohort members will have the opportunity to apply for additional funding to return to one of the program sites after the voyage in an intern/volunteer/fellowship capacity (timing and details TBD pending partner needs and student availability.)