Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

IE 492 - International Educational Seminar

Overview of Course

This seminar is designed for the Chapman Impact Cohort and will thematically explore differences in human vulnerability to climate change. The impacts of climate change are and will be unevenly experienced throughout the world based on a variety of social and environmental conditions. We will investigate conditions that create these differences in vulnerability and consider how knowledge of these conditions could influence adaptation to and mitigation of expected impacts. The Cohort will also participate in one multi-day, in-country Field Program to explore and support the work conducted by international partners. These Field Program will reflect the seminar theme. During at-sea days, we will meet approximately eight times. During these meetings, we will engage intellectually with the theme, develop our course community, learn about our in-country partners and the communities we will work with during the Field Program, and debrief, process, synthesize, and reflect on our experiences.