Spring 2023

IU 172 New Student Seminar [CRN 17845]

Overview of Course

This course will focus on supporting students’ social, academic, physical, and cross-cultural transition to the Semester at Sea experience. Students will have the opportunity to explore their own social identities, values, skills, and interests, as well as reflect upon their individual purpose and goals as they work toward educational and professional aspirations.

Experiential activities, self-assessments, and resource mapping focused on academic and co-curricular engagement will be utilized to contribute to academic success in Semester at Sea coursework and meaningful port experiences with diverse populations, cultures, and perspectives. The course will provide scaffolding for personal advocacy, individual and collective wellness, transformational learning, and cross-cultural competence.

Finally, the class will provide students with opportunities to develop relationships within the shipboard community, including with other Gap Year students and Staculty members. Intergroup dialogue across social identities and cultural backgrounds will contribute to deeper self- and interpersonal understanding.

This is a 1-credit course that will meet for the first 8 academic days of the voyage and will be fully completed during the first part of the voyage.