Fall 2022

JTC 326 Online Storytelling and Audience Engagement [CRN 74060]

Overview of Course

By enrolling in JTC 326, students become better researchers, writers and editors in an online world, whether it’s news reporting or public relations. The course and its assignments help participants create digital media clearly, concisely, conversationally and creatively. Students are introduced to both the tools and strategies of online content-creation as a means of developing the skills needed for multi-platform newsrooms and PR shops. By the end of the semester, students will have a better understanding of the challenges facing both online and traditional journalism today. They will use writing, video and audio to create a digital article suitable for a professional news organization; be able to create engaging and conversational social media content; produce the basics of digital media including video, audio, photographs and writing; think critically about what media analytics data means and its uses; and become acquainted with User Experience thinking and research about journalism; among other topics. In short, students leave this course not only with the skills considered vital in today’s communication fields, but also a critical understanding of how communicators in digital media best serve society.