Fall 2022

MGT 301 Supply Chain Management [CRN 72126]

Overview of Course

The COVID-19 pandemic clearly highlights how supply chains are vital components in our everyday lives. Shutdowns caused delays in sourcing consumer products and key components that are still having consequences today, exacerbated by issues such as the lack of shipping containers and the delays caused by the blockage of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given container ship. Supply chains are vital parts of both the operational and strategic activities of firms. This course adopts a value chain approach that introduces, and considers, the upstream and downstream flow of materials, products, and services in supply chains. We use case examples seen in the regions visited, as well as examples from across prior fieldwork, to develop a fundamental awareness and understanding of the various stages of the value chain. This course explores the basic fundamental concepts underpinning supply chain management through experiential learning by considering localized and global supply chains and the particular challenges and opportunities of firms operating in the various markets visited. Real-life examples of multinational, fair trade, sustainable, digital, and informal economy supply chains are used to explore the foundational concepts of supply chain management.