Spring 2022 | Mediterranean Exploration

MGT 340 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship [CRN 19454]

Overview of Course

Are you up to the challenge of starting a new business? This course focuses on developing the mindset, tools, and skills necessary for starting a new venture. Drawing from the latest applied theory and thinking in startup practice (Effectual Entrepreneurship and Lean Startup methodology), the emphasis will be on learning by doing in both individual and group settings. Numerous case studies, articles, videos and examples will help illustrate successful techniques in bringing startups to life. Topics include: opportunity identification, risk evaluation, resource assembly, partnership formation, business model creation, and developing a venture identity. To mesh with our voyage, we will examine these concepts from an international perspective, studying how the policies and practices of different cultural and country environments affect entrepreneurs, identifying commonalities and differences, and exploring examples where enterprise is encouraged and supported in different ways.