Spring 2023

MGT 475 International Business Management [CRN 15982]

Overview of Course

This is an introductory course in International Business with an emphasis on SAS voyage regions of Africa, the Middle East, and (South, Southeast, East) Asia. The content of the course includes (1) an overview of the institutions that govern business behavior in a particular market; (2) the major theories explaining how institutions and organizations interact; (4) the effect of political, social, technological, cultural and geographical factors on the efficacy of strategic planning and execution; (5) contemporary cases of success and failure of international firms competing in these markets; and (6) the innovative concept of Institutional Voids, including how to identify, respond and capitalize on the opportunities they present for businesses seeking to succeed in global markets.

In addition, through the design of course projects, students will improve their leadership and independent thinking skills; collaborative skills, teamwork, and their ability to work well with diverse others.