Fall 2022

MKT 300 - Marketing

Overview of Course

Marketing is the only revenue-focused and customer-facing function of business. Without marketing to generate revenue, a business would not last long! Marketing’s fundamental concepts permeate virtually all areas of business and, on a personal level, can help students navigate their careers. As the core marketing course in the business school, this course aims to train students in the “language of marketing” and to help them understand its philosophies, decision-areas, tactics, and strategies. To facilitate this goal, we will frequently put on the hat of a chief marketing officer or marketing manager and unpack ideas in the context of complex organizations striving to compete in a dynamic global environment. As we go, we will consider how marketers can help organizations succeed (or fail miserably), reflect on marketing’s role in society, and explore the implications of marketing for your future career. Ultimately, we will produce viable marketing plans that could actually help real businesses in the countries visited by Semester at Sea.