Spring 2023

MKT 365 International Marketing [CRN 15986]

Overview of Course

This course examines marketing concepts, theories, and strategies, with the added complexities of doing business across borders. Many factors influence the opportunities and challenges an organization may face when attempting to cross borders and perform marketing functions in a dynamically shifting global marketplace. We will examine political, economical, social-cultural, ethical, technological, legal, and environmental factors that impact marketing decisions, within and outside an organization’s home country. Additionally, entry-mode strategies will be analyzed for market opportunities, whether the organization is local or multinational, for-profit or nonprofit, a startup or existing enterprise, or in a fragmented or concentrated market. Throughout the semester, we will compare and contrast US marketing best practices, customs, and challenges, to the countries and cultures we encounter. Additionally, we will delve deep into the building blocks of marketing (product, price, place, promotion, branding, target marketing, and positioning) as related to the different ports of call.