Fall 2022

MKT 365 International Marketing [CRN 72131]

Overview of Course

International marketing covers the scope and challenges of marketing products around the world, including the dynamic environments of international trade. First, we study ways that cultural environments differ within and between countries and marketplaces. Specifically, we consider the history, geography, culture, global management styles, political environments, and legal environments of global markets. Second, we explore ways to assess global marketing opportunities. Specifically, we use market research and economic development to develop a global vision. Third, we develop global marketing strategies for the marketing mix. Specifically, we consider global aspects of marketing decision-making related to distribution channels and retailing, promotional activities, pricing, and goods and services. Last, we explore ways to implement marketing strategies through international negotiations with customers, partners and regulators. The course project focuses on developing an international marketing plan. In our discussions and project, we will focus on the specific countries visited by Semester at Sea.