Spring 2022 | Mediterranean Exploration

PHIL 171 Religions of the West [CRN 19458]

Overview of Course

"The Underground map is a representation – not of London’s geography, but of routes of movement and connections that enable travelers to “read” their journeys….a way of understanding surface truth from a different perspective. This has given me insight into the complexity of all texts and how different meanings can emerge through readings….so for me there is always ‘more to this than meets the eye’." – Verena Wright

In this course we will be exploring art, architecture, philosophy, poetry, symbols, folklore, movement, worship, and the intricate ways they come together as humans “read their journeys” through this life. We will read sacred texts, practice mindfulness, and engage with sacred spaces as we embark on our own journeys across the globe. The worldviews of three different traditions will be studied. These include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. A text will be used in this course along with English language translations of select primary source readings. Other media including documentaries, art, music and literature will also be used to enhance the student’s understanding of these religions. Articles, case studies, discussion questions, study guides, and rubrics will be available on the class LMS site. Students are not required to print out most documents, however they must have access to them for reference during class.