Fall 2022

PSY 328 Psychology of Human Sexuality [CRN 74067]

Overview of Course

What is the primary sexual organ in humans? It might not be what first comes to mind…it’s actually the brain!
The psychology of human sexuality is the scientific examination of our thoughts, emotions and behavior, both individually and culturally. This class is a cross-cultural review of human sexuality, including sexual development, social perspectives and values, sexual dysfunction, sexual orientation and diversity, and social justice issues.
Sexuality lies at the core of our identities as human beings. As a result of the sexual revolution, feminism, gay rights, and advances in the mass media, sex has become a leading topic of contemporary discourse. The typical American teenager, for example, is exposed to 14,000 references to sex per year—and that’s just on television. This class will discuss the impact of social media, pornography, and international issues on the current understanding of sexuality, and will emphasize diversity in sexual feelings, sexual behavior, cultural traditions, and moral beliefs related to sexuality. We will also discuss the more intimate aspects of sexuality: personal decision making, sexual arousal, sexual attraction and intimate relationships, contraception, STIs, pregnancy, sexual dysfunction and treatment, atypical sexual behaviors, sexual violence, and sex for sale.