Spring 2024 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

SOC 462 Applied Social Change [CRN 22378]

Overview of Course

In SOC 462, a service-learning course designed for Chapman Impact Scholars, we will examine issues such as health and human rights, gender equity, rapid social change, climate change, cultural humility, and nonviolent social action in a global context. Personal and social transformation is always embedded in culture and relationships. Around the world, people have organized and worked together to solve their own problems and change their communities.

More than a study of methods and theories, this class proposes an embodied experience where students develop as collaborative leaders. Through in-class activities, you will develop skills in observation, active listening, conducting interviews, self-awareness, and understanding power dynamics. You will also work alongside community partners in an action-oriented field experience where you will participate in social change in the making.