Spring 2023

TH 141 Introduction to Theatre [CRN 14763]

Overview of Course

Moving beyond the traditional lecture format, in this interactive introductory course students will discover what theatre is, where it happens, who is involved in creating it, and how it evolves during its collaborative journey. A series of exercises, films, lectures and creative projects will enable them to extend their knowledge of theatre and immerse themselves in creative practice. In addition to introducing students to every aspect of theatre, we will also examine the theatrical traditions of the countries visited in order to discover common artistic roots across cultures. As we read and discuss plays in class, and see performances (both live and recorded), students will develop knowledge of, and appreciation for, theatrical performance as a unique form of live entertainment, social reflection, and potential means for social reform. The goal of this course is to encourage your understanding and enjoyment of theater by developing a knowledge and appreciation of the art so that you will become more thoughtful theatre attendees who will continue to attend and have a deeper insight into why theatre is so important to our world.