Spring 2023

TH 150 Introduction to Performance [CRN 21086]

Overview of Course

This course is designed to help students better understand the preparation necessary for performance, what makes the art of theatre tick, how to develop their own unique artistic voice, and ways to hone their skills. The first section of the class will be an introduction to script analysis, dramaturgy, and the timeless craft of storytelling. Students will rehearse and perform material from the theatrical canon, beginning to actively explore the creation of character and the skills requisite to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances” (Meisner). The course content, exercises, and performances will draw inspiration from, and reflect, the voyage itinerary, allowing for a deeper connection between the classroom work and countries/cultures visited. In addition, the class will pay special attention to the rich theatrical history and traditions found in India, Africa, Greece, and the Spanish/Iberian Peninsula. Using the unique travel opportunities and cultural interactions that Semester at Sea offers as a catalyst, the class will begin to create their own performance pieces inspired directly from their experiences on the voyage. Through interviews, interactions and observations, the students will work to discover and develop their own individual artistic voices. The class will culminate in a performance of the varied works created and rehearsed throughout the voyage.