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Day of Giving: Tomorrow, May 28, 2014


98% of Semester at Sea alumni say that the program was their most significant semester of college, yet only 5% of alumni give to the program. It’s time to change that statistic and support the program that has literally given us the world, and the gift of perspective.

Help us rally the troops tomorrow, May 28, for Semester at Sea’s first-ever Day of Giving! All proceeds will benefit the SAS Annual Fund, which covers costs like student scholarships, faculty-led field programs, our beloved crew members, memorable events such as Neptune Day or Sea Olympics, tasty shipboard suppers like Taco Night, fuel costs to keep the ship sailing, and much, much more.

While Semester at Sea provides endless once-in-a-lifetime experiences, operational expenses are high and we need¬†the generosity¬†of donors like you to keep us sailing. Did you know that Semester at Sea’s average cost of fuel per day is $35,000? Or that the average cost to dock in a port for a day is $80,000?

Check out a full list of various expenses that your gift could cover:

$5 – Passport photo for one student

$25 – One hour of internet access on the ship for one student

$45 – One University of Virginia credit hour for one student

$50 – SAS application fee

$75 – In-country service trip for one student

$100 – In-country field program for one student

$138 – A day’s worth of peanut butter for the entire shipboard community

$200 – Average cost of a visa for one student

$300 – Textbooks for one student for a semester

$1,000 – One Alumni Scholarship for a semester (financial aid)

$2,000 – Average roundtrip flights to/from U.S. to Europe for spring voyage

$4,000 – One Impact Scholarship (allows one student to partake in 5 service trips)

$5,500 – Average salary and travel expenses for one staff member

$6,300 – Taco Night for the entire shipboard community

$11,000 – Average salary and travel expenses for one faculty member

$25,000 – One full student scholarship

$35,000 – Average cost of fuel per day

$50,000 – Two months of internet use for entire shipboard community

$80,000- Average port fee cost per day

$100,000 – 4 Presidential Scholarships (full tuition)

As a nonprofit educational organization, Semester at Sea is completely dependent upon enrollment revenues, established endowed funds, and philanthropic gifts from people like you.

Want to make as big of an impact as possible? Here are a few easy ways to get more bang for your buck:

Double your gift to SAS!

Take advantage of the Alumni Association Board of Directors’ Early Bird Challenge. Make a gift during the first hour of Semester at Sea’s Day of Giving and your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, by the AABOD up to $50,000.

Employer Gift Matching

Many companies will match their employees’ gifts to nonprofit organizations like Semester at Sea.

  • You may be able to double or triple your gift if you or your spouse works for a company that matches gifts to non-profit organizations.
  • Retired employees often qualify for matching gifts programs.
  • You will receive credit for the total sum of the gift.
  • To find out if your employer offers a matching gifts program, contact your company’s human resources office. The Institute for Shipboard Education’s tax identification number (EIN) is 95-3075415.

Encourage Your Friends & Family to Participate

Your loved ones care about you and they likely know how much you care about Semester at Sea! Encourage your friends and family to give to the program that has had such a significant impact on your life.

Be a Good Shipmate: Make A Gift for a Fellow SAS Friend

If you’re like most Semester at Sea alumni, your shipmates are some of your closest lifelong friends. What better way to honor your friend than to make a gift to Semester at Sea in his or her name? Maybe it’s an early birthday gift for your shipmate friend, or just a gesture to show them how much they mean to you.

We hope you will participate in the SAS Day of Giving and encourage your fellow alumni, parents, friends, and family to do the same. Thank you in advance!

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