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Ecology of Inclusive/Universal Education Field Lab

For their Ecology of Inclusive/Universal Education class, students on the Short Term 2012 voyage engaged in a critical analysis, through a unique ecological perspective, of current proposals for universal education. Their concerns were related to historical, cultural, economic, political and technological developments in Latin America. Each student brought an ethnographic eye to the day, tying field-based observations of children and families in schools and communities back to their lessons learned in class.

Students from Judy Kugelmass' Inclusive Education Field Lab are greeted and welcomed by the Headmistress and a group of elementary schoolchildren at Santa Maria elementary school. From left to right: Kendra Tovey - Arizona State University, Megan Welsh - Washington State University, Judy Kugelmass - Binghamton University, Nicole Serra, University of Rhode Island.
A group of Peruvian students look on with amusement to the new visitors to their class.
University of Louisville student Maria Schuman sits in and does some learning of her own during a social studies lesson.
Washington State University student Megan Welsh spends time and answers all of the children's questions as they are quite eager to learn about her background.
Washington State University student Megan Welsh spends time and answers all of the children's questions. They are quite eager to learn about her background.
Life Long Learner Janine Harris and her daughter Pamela Harris excitedly take notes as they learn throughout the day.
A student carefully listens to instructions before a quiz is administered.
Two students hope for good grades as they prepare to take a quiz.
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign student Amy Nadell and Serra take down their observations and insights as the students take a their quiz.
Schuman and Welsh share a moment of amusement with a student during class
University of California Merced student Therese Vu interacts and joins in to do some learning of her own during a math class.
University of California Berkeley student Barika Burton enjoying herself as she spends her time helping out with a project.
St. Joseph's University student Melanie Solano, Welsh and Serra share some time quality time with two of the students on a more individual basis.
Nadell, Serra, and Tovey laugh and enjoy learning about the school's culture and the children's everyday world.
City University of New York Lehman student Rachel Furr and Vu bond with their student.
Serra receives and gives a warm embrace after an education small group session.
One of the school children presents the class a drawing as a thank you for visiting her school.
Tovey and Serra present much appreciated educational supplies as gifts for the schoolchildren.
Field Lab students along with Santa Maria volunteers pause during a tour around the neighborhood surrounding the school for a group photo.
Two of the schoolchildren who attend Santa Maria.
Santa Maria students look on as the Field Lab students engage their mother in a discussion about their education.
The Field Lab students laugh and get to know one of the families of Santa Maria.
Welsh enjoys a goodbye high-five before heading back to the MV Explorer.
Students and their families look on and say goodbye as the Field Lab students head back to the MV Explorer.
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