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Embarkation Day – Summer 2013

The Summer 2013 Voyage began on June 17th, filled with excitement and anticipation. Over the next two months, students will visit 13 cities in 10 countries aboard the MV Explorer. Embarkation, typically one of the most memorable days for students and staff, is a time when soon to be world travelers energize when meeting their new roommates and familiarizing themselves with their new home for the next 66 days.

Students arrive by coach at the Port of Southampton in southern England. Many of the students arrived in London a few days early to get their bearings
Some of the students' families make the trip to Southampton to see the students safely off. Here, one family takes photos capturing the moments before embarkation.
Cars are reflected through a window as families say goodbye to the boarding students.
With over 500 students arriving, the amount of luggage is (literally) staggering.
Columbia College Chicago student, Lynnea Malley, chats with fellow SAS participants while waiting to embark. For many students, the first few days are an opportunity to meet people and make new friends.
During the first day, students fill out paperwork ranging from questionnaires to customs forms.
After passing through customs, students climb the gangway to the MV Explorer. The next time they step ashore will be five days later in Casablanca, Morocco.
John Burkoff, Executive Dean, and Maurie McInnis, Academic Dean, greet students (Ryan Young, St. Cloud State University, Hotel & Travel) as they board the MV Explorer for the first time.
Students receive room assignments and keys as they make their way through the embarkation process.
After completing check-in, students excitedly begin to explore their new home.
Students gather at the helm as the ship prepares to leave Southampton.
Dave Woody, Professor of Studio Art at the University of Virginia, and his daughter, Frances (2), enjoy the view as the Explorer prepares to begin the voyage.
Well-wishers bid a bon voyage to the SAS Summer 2013 Voyage.
As the ship sails onward to the first port of Morocco, participants get to experience their first sunset at sea as brilliant colors fill the sky over the Isle of Wight.
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