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Before You Apply

Living and learning with students on Semester at Sea® voyages is exhilarating and challenging.  It is unlike any living-learning experience that you’ve had, either on campus or in the field.

Colorado State University is ISE’s academic partner in delivery of the Semester at Sea program. All courses taught on Semester at Sea voyages are Colorado State University courses, 80% of which are taken from our Frequently Offered Courses.

The experience has a number of distinctive elements that you should be aware of before you apply for a faculty or staff position with Semester at Sea.


Ideal Candidate

  • Support the mission of ISE; reflecting ISE values, candidates are expected to have a demonstrated ability to advance the SAS commitment to support diverse and inclusive community-building
  • Training and/or participation in diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives
  • Intercultural and/or international expertise or experience
  • Experience working with undergraduate students
  • Has the following qualities:
    • Flexibility
    • Organization
    • Comfort with technology
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Detail-oriented

What to Expect on Our Voyages

A small personal campus

Voyagers will live and teach/work on a floating residential college with up to 550 students, 25 lifelong learners, and as many as 125 faculty, staff and their family members. In addition, there are up to 180 multi-national officers and crew members. The shipboard community consists of intergenerational voyagers, from young children to retirees. On a 25,000-ton ship, space is at a premium. Faculty and staff will be accessible to students during day and evening hours. To some, life aboard the MV World Odyssey is a “fish-bowl” experience.

Like a residential college

Faculty and staff will engage with students as if they were a member of a residential college. They will interact with students both inside and outside the classroom in traditional and non-traditional settings, and may be surprised by student behavior, including their propensity to stay up late studying, to arise late in the day, etc.


The voyage has a rhythm

The rhythm of the voyage dictates life on the ship. It is atypical from an academic semester on a land-based campus. Classes meet nearly every day the ship is at sea. This includes Saturdays and Sundays. The instructional tempo and community norming are influenced by long ocean crossings and short passages between ports. Ports are filled with activities, including field work, pre-arranged programs, and travel on one’s own. Aligning instruction and work to this rhythm is imperative.

How to flourish

Those best suited for Semester at Sea employment understand the lives and personal development of contemporary college students. This includes awareness of student behaviors inside and outside the classroom. Consider visiting student hangouts on a local campus or community.