Veterans Benefits


Varies; usually about $5,600


Spring and Fall


Confirmed students currently receiving GI Bill or veterans benefits at their home school.

Benefits Overview

Semester at Sea is listed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as a faculty-led program at Colorado State University. This designation allows students to utilize their GI Bill or veteran’s benefits toward Semester at Sea so long as they meet eligibility criteria.

Semester at Sea is pleased to work in collaboration with the student and the CSU veterans benefits office to determine whether their benefits can be used toward the cost of Semester at Sea. Since the program is listed as faculty-led at Colorado State University, veteran’s benefits will be assessed and awarded based on the rate of CSU tuition. Students attending a direct bill institution may not be eligible. For more information and to get the process started, please e-mail financialaid@isevoyages.org.

Apply Now

In order to be considered to use veterans benefits towards Semester at Sea, you must be a confirmed voyager who has paid your deposit.