Honor Roll of Donors — Individual Donors

These individuals generously supported Semester at Sea with a gift in fiscal year 2023

(June 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023)


Anonymous (3)
Kristin and Gregory Chapman
Gale and Shelby Davis


Erin J. Anderson
Susan and William Casner
Lois Debes*
Tina and James Deutsch
John C. Horton


Diana Sammis Brookes and Robert J. Brookes
Elysse Burrow Denton
Sara Smith Kutler and Jon Kutler


Laura and John Babcock
Susan Babcock
Hayley G. Booher
Christopher Foreman
Lisa Braun Glazer, Ph.D. and Jeffrey Glazer, Ed.D.
Lacob Family
Ann Little
Cathy and Steve Needleman
Jennifer and Benjamin Ottenhoff
Marjorie B. Seawell
Richard Wolf


Anonymous (2)
Lisa and John Acker
Jane and Dwight Allison
Carol Baker and Iain Campbell
Kristina Ota Belfiore and Joseph Belfiore
Callie and Eric Bennett
Cindy and Ralph Boester
Diane and James Bordoni
Joan and John Casey
Gladys Cofrin and Daniel Logan
Chelsey Crisp and Rhett D. Reese II
Lisa and Michael Derezin
Theresa A. Ellbogen
Gwenn Fairall
Karen Fore
Sandra Frazier
Windy and Terry Gallagher
Mary and Robert Garland
Susan and Dennis Gertmenian
Jennifer I. Hicks
Kim Schmoker Hunnewell and Willard Hunnewell
Kristin Karst and Rudolf Schreiner
Elizabeth Nelson Kramer
Austin G. Lastinger
Amy and Brian McDowell
Joselyn Pomeroy Miller and Todd Miller
Sheryl H. Scarano
John Scudder
Leanne and Michael Segal
Tracy Sherman and Steve Friedman
Cynthia Thomas
Nancy Strauss Tietge
Beverly Wettenstein*


Anonymous (2)
Lee M. Baker
Karleen and Andrew Basch
Blair Carty
Cathy Condon
Linda and Bill Danneberg
Marlene Davisson
Joy and Christopher Dinsdale
Gail and James Ellis
Timothy H. Fitzpatrick
Nancy and Charles Fry
Cintia and Rajon Gilmore
Julia and Conrad Herrmann
Marisa Huber
Deedie and Tom Hudnut
Lauri Hughes
Lauren and Lee Karny
Nikey and Eugene* Key
Lee Kort
F. Alexander Middleton
Kyle Miller
Renee Miskimmin, M.D.
Allison and Crawford Moran
Edwina M. Nelon
Linda Condon Nickel
Elizabeth and Bruce Olson
Kathryn and Clark Porter
Caleb F. Reese
Thomas E. Rodgers, Jr.
Amy L. Schmidt
Elizabeth Silver-Schack and Larry Silver
Stephanie Spackman
Maura and David Spellman
Jerry C. Strine
Kendall R. Sturgill
Sandra Scott Suzor
Mary E. Thielemeir
Abby Crumpacker Vieira* and Robert Vieira
Hyla Goldberg Vine and Barry Vine
Betty and Milt* Waldron
Carole and Steven Weinberg


Anonymous (1)
Zoe Apoian and Reid Breitman
Pamela Arrington
Lori Barker and Mark Robinson
Leila Baroody
Lindsey G. Benfield
Allison and Eric Boester
Julia Breitman
Maureen and August Brescia
Stephen W. Carroll III
Elaine K. Church
Kendra and Dennis Coleman
Rikki and Patrick Daniels
Mary Delvaux-Tochner and Ira Tochner
Elaine R. Deutsch
Ellen S. Dietrick
Kelley O’Connor Digby
Elizabeth and Russel* Evans
Valerie Fayard
Christina Ferrari
Bert A. Getz, Jr.
Donald Green
Katie Shea High
Heidi Hoelscher and Anthony Bell
Susan Koehler and William Hatt
Tom Livermore
Candis and Mike Lochmann
Mary S. McConnell
Linda B. Merrifield
Carolyn and Jeffrey Miller
Julie Miller and Paul Dansereau
Ruth and Adam Miller
Monica Nicoli and Diego Piacentini
Christine and Jay Orris
Marie Hamer Parco and Edward Parco*
Mary B. Perkins
Phoebe and Rick Peterson
Angela and Ronak Shah
Eileen and Randall Sherman
Karen and Chris Sinfield
Samuel Walsh
Kay Clemons Watt and Timothy Watt


Anonymous (1)
Mamta Accapadi
Roane Akchurin
Barbara Merinoff Albert and Todd Albert
Pamela T. Arjona
Theresa and Evans Attwell
Donna Ayerst and David Hess
Peter D. Balch
Robert Baldridge
Jeanne and Harden Ballantine
Katrina and Jonathan Barlow
Arlena Barnes and William Kinsey
Mark Bass
Kathleen Bergen and Alexander Bastos
Mark S. Bertrand
Laura and David Bexfield
Beth and Adam Binsfeld
Elizabeth Hoff Blackmer
Judith and Gene Bolles
Carrie S. Bradford
Mark Bratton
Craig Brown
Mary Burchill and Mark Maxson
Karen E. Burns
Kyra and Bradley Busam
Darlene Campbell and Randy Lewis
Susan C. Capozza
Shari and Flynn D. Case
Amy Cohen
Joe Coleman
Kevin Comiskey
Mark Connor
Carla and Patrick Cox
Lila Sparks Daniels and William Daniels
Zaneeta E. Daver
Carolyn J. Davis
Janet and William Dinsmore
McKinley and Brian Durham
Sharon and Ramsey Ellis
Janet Else
Nancy and Jonathan Erickson
William L. Fisher
Sandra and Craig Fleishman
Claire Fletcher
Ivy Forester
Teng M. Fu
Marjorie and Michael Garard
Barbara and Daniel Garvey
Jean and Sanford Gaynor
Allison and Randall Gingold
Jacquelin A. Gorman
Stephanie Green and Mark Ferne
Stacey and Patrick Gribbin
Christian Groff
Noma Hanlon
Selene A. Hanna
Anne Harper and Rick Ronald
Nicholas W. Hayden
Lily He and Randy Davis Ph.D.
Mary E. Hoeldtke
John Hofer
Eryn M. Hughey
Jill Hurd and Oscar Zavala
Linda and Thomas Hurley
Elizabeth Ann Hutton
William E. Inman
Jordan P. Jacob
Alana H. Jacobson
Rainey and Kirby Janke
Karen and William Jason
Rebecca and Thomas Jelke
Kathryn M. Jenulis
Leila Kight
Cheryl Klauss
Celeste and Robert Kling
Heidi T. Kolbe
Kristin and Michael Kratoska
Linn and Paul Kreckman
Janine and Lale Kuhn
Barbara and Michael Lawler
Maggie Leach
Meganne Leach
Mary and John Liu
Rhonda Longmore-Grund
Helena and Mark Lotruglio
Ned M. Lynch
Sharon MacDonald and Craig Fisher
Pierson P. Mandell
Christy and Scott Marshall
Daniel H. Massey
Jayne and Campbell McGinnis
Klea McKenna and David Charne
Jennifer C. Meyer
Helen and Jeff Miller
Mara and Justin Mitchell
Susan and Thomas Monahan
Arthur Morgan
Henry D. Morissette
Georgia and Eric Mosher
Jennifer and Prithvi Mulchandani
Kathy and David Murray
Kyle R. Nash
Mark P. Neary
Trent Newcomer
Mary and Timothy Ney
Vera L. Nicholas
Thomas Niederkofler
Marie Oamek
Gregory Packard
Robert Padgett
Katie J. Parris
Kathryn and Robert Patton
Brian Peierls
Paul Porcello
Randi Sue Quat and John Rosenberg
Brad H. Quinn
Kim-Kay and Thomas Randt
Mary Beth Basile Ring
Michelle and Timothy Rodgers
Jennifer Rogers
Lynda Karns Rose
Nancie Rosen
Jill and Eric Schifferli
Carolyn and James Schiffman
Kay and Donald Sharpe
Jane Shivers and William Sharp
Katherine Smith and Bernardo Feitosa
Hannah and Ivan Snyder
Barbara and Edwin Sobey
Linda and Glenn Spungen
Dale and Gregory Stamos
Joanne Sten
Betsy A. Stoecker
Laurel and Fred Stutzer
Debra Thomas
Todd M. Thomas
David Tottino
Kelsey and Sean Tufts
Clarice and Gary Utt
Laura Vega
Jacob Volkmar
Barbara Wagar and Stephen Hennessy
Di Wang
Jyoti Watumull
Marilyn and George Whitmore
Jane and Charles Wilson
Tonia and John Wilson
Carole and Philip Wizer
Gordon Wright
Sheryl Zimmerman and Philip Sloane
Cindy Zomchek and James Shirley


Anonymous (1)
Leah and Stephen Aguirre
Kimberly and David Allen
Simone Almeida
Dima A. A. Almousa
Ashley and Bobby Barber
Karen and Frank Beardsley
Shelly Beasley
Elizabeth Becker
Joy Becker
Tiffany and Pablo Bernal
Michael Bernhard
Raja Bhattar
Lisanne and James Biolos
Nancy S. Blair
Mandy Bratton
Audra and Trey Brickner
Elizabeth Broadbent
Amanda and Scott Brooks
Mary Ann and Thomas Burns
Michael L. Burnstine
Susan Uhazie Camele and Dr. Robert Camele
Alejandra Cano
Beatrice Prewarski Cassou
Catharine Mellon Cathey and John Cathey
Whitney and Brett Christopoulos
Donald N. Clark
Nicole Clark
Deborah Clifford
Rebecca Comstock
Fernando Corredor-Ospina
Carolyn Covault
Jennifer Crane and Allan Denning
Marie A. Crean
Christine Cunningham
Hyla and Kenneth Cushner
Carey and Jamie D’Alessandro
Janea Danuser
Cheryl and Peter J. Dart
Holly and Michael Depatie
Laurel Dunphy
Sarah and Ryan Eppehimer
Laura and Jonathan Epstein
Donna and William Fanning
Laurel and Jeremiah Fasl
Karl Ferguson
Kenrick O. Fernandes
Ruth A. Freedman
Jeffrey S. Gaines
Shelley and Dean Galloway
Victoria L. Genuardi
Janna and David Gies
Julia and Charles Gill
Catherine and Stephen Glenning
Susan and Gene Gloeckner
John R. Gosnell, Jr.
Linda Griffith and Scott Kellogg
Jordan Haas
Todd S. Harple
Nancy Hartley and Richard Cobb
Robert Head
Karen M. Healy
Sabrina and Marco Hellman
Lillian S. Hensiek
Jessica and Adam Hirsch
Dayna and Tom Hulme
James R. Huntley
Douglas W. Johnson
Jennifer Johnson and John Rippel
Mollique D. Johnson
Emily N. Kathe
Catherine Klose and Lee Chesnin
Katherine J. Larson
Deanne and Marc Lebowitz
Daniel J. Lewis
Sage and John Lewis
Karley B. Long
Kelly A. Long
Terry and Richard Lozinsky
Kathleen MacKay
Michael J. Mann
Susan Burnight Mason and Dick Mason
Helena L. Matarante
Lester McCabe and William Bridge
Leslie McCall
Allison and Gavin McDermott
Kathryn and William Meleyco
Merlin Melstrand
Matt Merz
Pamela Monroe
Hildy and George Morgan
Jan Morris
Naomi A. Morrison
Sandra A. Morrison
John R. Mortensen
Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo and Joe Moscaritolo
Kathryn and Neale Mulligan
Anne and Martin Muradaz
Charles Neal
Alair and Derek Olson
John Parks
Ann Patton and Arthur Lowenstein
Merilynn and Craig Pearsall
Cameron D. Pepper
Charlotte and Jason Pfannenstiel
Lynn and Mark Porath
Rena and Ray Putnam
Tyler C. Quick
Nora Quinn
Robyn and Matthew Quitmeyer
Heather Reiner
Courtney Rice
Carleen and Bryant Riley
Rhea R. Robertson-Easton
Brad R. Rodrigues
Annakate E. Ross
Darren M. Roth
Laura Roth
Ellen Rubenstein-Chelmis
Karen and Mitchell Sack
Lisa and James Sahli
Maureen and James Sansbury
Barbara Saromines-Ganne
Magen Savo
Robbi and Thomas Schiff
Claire M. Seibert
Melissa and Brad Seiler
Lynn A. Senior
Harriet Burrow Shields
Michael Shuman
Lisa Slavid
Stevieleigh M. Snavely
Suellen and James Sorenson
Florence and Robert Suan
Kirsten Swan
Connie Sween
Karen and Brett Tate
Jean Taylor and Michael Roberts
Shirley S. Thagard
Herbert Thompson
Gabrielle D. Tierney and Eric Bindelglass
Laurie and David Title
Marilyn Title
Jack G. Tobin
Linda and Paul Uzureau
Maureen Van Camp
Dominic A. Visconsi, Jr.
Nancy and Joe Visenberg
Mary Vogl and Mohammed Hirchi
Ginny and Roy Wagner
Marianne J. Walters
Marilyn and Michael Wilson
Robin and Richard Woods
Julie and Jon Woolley
Elizabeth Zavodsky and Jeremy Mohr