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Istanbul: A City of Mosques

Mosques dominate the skyline in Istanbul. Dusk is the time when devoted Muslims break the Ramadan fast as they hear the call to prayer. Students toured many of these places of worship during their stay in Turkey.
The mosques interiors are filled with large open spaces and vibrant color. The space can fit thousands of worshipers. During Ramadan students are allowed to visit anytime, excluding the 5 daily times of prayer.
The Koran sits open with prayer beads after a worshiper is finished with his mediation. Students freely move around the mosques and are able to take in all aspects of its community.
A young student recites the Koran during Ramadan in his local mosque. Young people are embracing a traditional religion that spans thousands of years and is one of the fastest growing religions around the world.
Students have spent hours staring at the ornate and detailed tile work that covers the interiors of the mosques in Istanbul. The light and color of the tile is like a soft color painting filled with light blues and warm colors.
Visiting a mosque during Ramadan is exceptional. Witnessing traditional Muslim practices without restriction was, for many students, a truly moving experience.
Hot air blows in though large open windows. The thick plaster and stone walls help insulate the outside heat from overpowering the temperature inside. Students get a glimpse of Islam as they observe worshipers spending hours reading the Koran and praying.
Men and women pray separately at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.
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