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Italy's Colosseo: A Grand Classroom

Professor Edmundson prepares his students for their classroom trip to Italy’s Colosseo.
The massive Colosseo is awe inspiring. As students get up close, its enormous scale reinforces why it is such an important monument.
The guide takes some time in the shade to explain the historical significance of the Colosseo and outline some of the grave realities associated with the games that were held here. For just a moment the wonder of this place turns to reality, as students contemplate the number of people who walked in, but didn’t walk out.
Students get a feel for what it was like to be a spectator in this grand coliseum.
The Colosseo is equally impressive inside as it is out. It’s not hard for students to imagine the intensity of this place when it was full of spectators, rulers, and gladiators.
Students exit the Colosseo down the original Roman road used by the gladiators. You know what they say… “When in Rome…”
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