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Packing & Prohibited Items

Life at Sea

Study Abroad Packing List


Preparing to pack for your voyage may seem like a daunting task, but words to live by are: lay out everything that you think you need, put back half, and then pack what’s left. The bottom line: come prepared, but travel lightly. Your belongings (including the luggage itself) are stored in your cabin. Keep this in mind when you are deciding between a huge suitcase or a soft-sided duffel on wheels (the latter is a great choice.) The packing list is intended as a suggestion only and is not exhaustive. Please use your personal judgment and best discretion when preparing for your voyage.


Baggage Limit: 2 checked bags, 1 carry-on luggage (such as a small duffel bag), 1 personal item (such as a backpack)
Please Note: Large instruments such as guitars, count as one piece of luggage.

  • Your luggage will be stored in your cabin. Consider bringing a duffel bag on wheels rather than a huge suitcase.
  • You may want to sway toward more conservative dress in port as certain instances, such as visits to businesses, meetings with government officials, and special events or dinners, will call for special attire. Additionally, visits to houses of worship will require covered shoulders, shorts/skirts below the knee, and closed-toe shoes.
  • Life with Semester at Sea is casual except for a few special occasions. You are limited to four pieces of luggage. Pack for maximum versatility.
  • Bed linens and bath towels are provided. You do not need to pack them.


Additional Tips for Preparing to Sail on the MV World Odyssey

  • The MV World Odyssey only has European outlets with a voltage of 220v. If you have a non-European device with an input range of 110v-240v you will only need an adaptor. If your device only has a single input range of below 220v, you will need a converter. To verify if you will need a converter, check the label on your device’s power supply.
  • There are only two European outlets in each cabin and one shaver outlet in the bathroom. The shaver outlet is dual voltage (110v and 220v) however, it is designed for low voltage appliances and can only accommodate shavers or similar devices. Power strips and extension cords are not allowed. However, in order to increase plug capacity, consider purchasing an adapter that also offers two USB connections.
  • Straightening/curling irons are only allowed on board if you have proof that they are auto-shutoff. If you have no proof, it will be confiscated during check-in and will not be returned to you. Please verify the voltage on your device as many of these devices are single voltage and may need a converter to be used on board. You may also consider purchasing a dual voltage hair straightener or curling iron.
  • You will not be allowed to affix any items to your cabin walls. The cabin walls on the MV World Odyssey are not magnetic. All adhesives including, but not limited to, regular tape, duct tape, wall mounting tape/adhesive strips, poster tape, and thumb tacks/push pins are not allowed on the ship. Cabin stewards check cabins daily so please do not plan to affix any items to the interior or exterior cabin walls. If any adhesives are brought to the ship they will be confiscated at check-in.


In accordance with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, the following items are prohibited aboard the ship.  Confiscated items cannot be returned and will be destroyed. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive and is updated as necessary.

(includes empty bottles/cans, souvenirs, or gifts)
Illicit Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
(includes pipes, water pipes, hookas, souvenirs or replicas)

Cannabidiol (CBD products)
The use, possession or purchase of all products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) is prohibited at all times onboard the MV World Odyssey and in port during the program.

While it is understood that CBD is legal in some countries, and CBD is a naturally occurring compound in cannabis that does not have an active THC ingredient, Semester at Sea voyages call on several countries where CBD is viewed as cannabis, and the possession, purchase, or use of it is illegal.

(includes these guns: air, bb, pellet, flare, paint ball, starter, blow, and replicas)
Sharp Items/Weapons
(includes ice pick/axe, box cutter, utility knife, saber, swords, or look-alikes)
Martial Arts/Self Defense Items

  • billy clubs
  • black jacks
  • brass knuckles
  • Kubatons
  • night sticks
  • nunchucks
  • throwing stars
  • stun guns/shocking devices
  • Disabling Chemicals (includes pepper spray, mace, tear gas)
Drones or Kites of any kind
Adhesive Tape

  • duct tape
  • electrical
  • regular tape
  • double-sided
  • masking tape
  • blue (painter’s) tape
Select Tools
(includes hammer, crowbar, axe, saw, hatchet)
Dangerous Materials
(includes fire extinguishers, bleach, paint & thinner, fireworks, flares, all fuel)
Any Items that are potential fire hazard

  • aerosol cans
  • candles
  • incense
  • oil lamps
  • lighters
  • matches
Items with Hot/Heating Elements
(includes hot or coffee pots, halogen lamps, clothes iron)
Personal hair appliances that are not auto-shut off

  • Curling irons and hair straighteners must be UL approved and have auto shut-off devices
  • Portable Hair Dryer for In-Country Use Only (Each cabin is equipped with a hair dryer)
Electrical Extension Devices (includes extension cords, octopus plugs, power strips)
Walkie-talkie and 2-way radios
Satellite phones
Select Sporting Goods (includes darts, bats, bows & arrows, and spear gun; no modes of transportation (i.e. bikes, unicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, etc).
Oversized Items (includes surfboards, bikes, scuba gear, steamer trunks, x-large luggage, x-large musical instruments, x-large exercise equipment, x-large souvenirs, oversized fossils/stones)
Live Animals/Pets/ Plants
(of any kind/size)
Select Food & Beverage Item, to include but not limited to:

  • Unsealed fresh or dry food (individually factory sealed portions not exceeding 1 kg /2.2 lbs) OK; they must be able to be consumed at one time)
  • Fresh produce of any kind
  • Beverages with twist-off caps; ** No beverages may be brought to the ship at the initial embarkation
  • Ready-to-eat meals

*Lifelong Learners, Faculty, Staff, and their legal-aged Dependents may bring aboard two bottles of alcohol per port (maximum size: 1 liter per bottle) for personal use in their cabin.