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Life on Land: Wonder Awaits


Study Abroad Travel

While not at sea, voyagers spend an average of 45 days of their semester in 10+ ports of call. Voyagers experience various cultures through the lens of Semester at Sea’s unique multi-country comparative and experiential approach to international education. Over the course of a semester, voyagers gain the global understanding necessary to address the challenges of our interdependent world.  Time in each port is spent with a combination of Field Classes, Field Programs, and personal exploration.

Our #1 Priority: Health and Safety

The health and safety of program participants, employees and crew is prioritized above all else through every layer of decision-making at ISE. Over the course of our 57+ year history, we’ve continuously refined our health and safety protocols, implemented progressive preventative measures and developed vital partnerships that enable us to make informed decisions and take quick action when needed.

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  • Field Classes

    Every course has a required in-country component called a Field Class. Field Classes are one day in duration and are custom developed and facilitated by the teaching faculty. Field Classes bring the learning of the classroom to life and constitute 20% of a student’s grade.

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  • Field Programs

    All voyagers can choose to participate in Semester at Sea-designed trips called Field Programs. Designed with a spirit of discovery and safety in mind, Field Programs maximize resources while providing unique insights, grand adventures and a lifetime of memories!

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  • Plan Your Own Travel

    Outside of Field Classes and Field Programs, voyagers can arrange their own travel experiences independent of Semester at Sea. Voyagers are encouraged to plan ahead and follow the Responsible Traveler guidelines.

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