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Diving in to Oceanography in Malta

Malta is a a tiny island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It's unique location and geography have brought it to prominence as a center for Mediterranean corsairing, then as a strategic ally during World War II, and, more recently, as a hub in the world bluefin tuna mariculture trade.  Malta's rocky Mediterranean coastline also make it an interesting and dynamic ecosystem for oceanographic study. The Introduction to Oceanography class had the opportunity to travel throughout the island studying near-coast ecosystems in a day whose highlights included snorkeling along the coast with Professor Alan Deidun an oceanographer at the University of Malta.

The class hikes along a clay ridge line to survey Malta's coastal topography.
Students in Professor Genovese's Introduction to Oceanography class stand for a class portrait at Gnejna Bay in Malta.
Students stop near a limestone formation in Malta's Golden Bay.
Dr. Alan Deidun, a professor at the University of Malta, talks to students about the environment along Malta's northwestern coast.
A student takes notes before entering the water to snorkel along the coast.
Professor Deidun talks with students in the Introduction to Oceanography class about Malta's near-shore ecosystems.
Professor Genovese talks with students about safety before they head into the water for the snorkeling portion of the day.
Students gear up before going snorkeling.
Daniel Kendall, a student at Texas A&M University, dives below the surface searching for interesting plants and animals.
Students were able to observe a number of animals in the clear Maltese waters, including small fish and an octopus.
Samanthan Bishop (University of Michigan) and Kelly Morello (Animal Ecology, California Polytechnic State University) smile for a picture at a Maltese overlook.
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