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Voyage Label: Fall 2013

  • Help Argentina: Women’s Microenterprises and HIV/AIDS Education

    Help Argentina is an NGO that has as its goal to strengthen non-profits that work for social change; they aim to increase confidence in the public sector and to promote […]

  • Rights of Sex Workers

    There are close to 400,000 sex workers in South Africa. Because sex work is illegal, sex workers often experience difficulty accessing social (e.g., healthcare) and legal services. In turn, sex […]

  • Stress and Health in the World

    Stress as a physiological and psychological construct derives from many sources, some that can be handled within an individual’s range of coping skills, others that seem less amenable to an […]

  • Psychology in Russia

    This field activity will involve a bus trip from the ship to the campus of St. Petersburg State University (SPSU), for a tour of campus facilities, including lunch at some […]

  • Nonverbal Behavior

    During this exercise participants will be observing people interacting in the natural environment and engaged in typical daily activities, such as shopping, dining, exploring, playing, and so forth, rather than […]

  • Women’s Health in Ghana

    The Field Lab will first visit the Ghana Association for Women’s Welfare. Established in 1984, its mission is to eradicate harmful traditional practices that affect the health and general well-being […]

  • International Public Health in Cape Town

    The Field Lab will first visit the TB/HIV Care Association, a Cape Town based NGO. The association, which has a long history since its establishment in 1929, works to improve […]

  • Public Health and Communicable Diseases in Ireland

    The first stop for this Field Lab is the Public Health HSE (Health Service Executive) of Ireland. The HSE is responsible for the provision of healthcare and personal social services […]

  • South African Media Landscape: The Cape Times and Bush Radio

    A visit to The Cape Times and Bush Radio in Cape Town, where students will learn about the operation of each organization and how journalists inform their audiences through these […]

  • Pope Francis Tour

    Our Field Lab in Buenos Aires, Argentina will consist of a morning lecture on Francis and his namesake by Professor Schuchardt, transit to our starting point, and then the full […]

  • Radio Ada

    We will visit Radio Ada in Tetsonya, one of the strongest community radio stations in Accra, with particular interests in environmental issues amongst others, and also hear about Ghana’s newly […]

  • Salvador Cultural History Tour

    Our Field Lab is scheduled for Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, and will include a historic tour of the old town, the Cidada Alta (“Upper Town”) and Cidada Baixa (“Lower Town”), […]

  • Ceramic and Tile Arts of Portugal

    Lisbon has a long tradition of ceramic arts derived from multiple cultural roots.   Azulejos,  the painted ceramic tiles seen on walls, floors and ceilings throughout Lisbon, were first introduced to […]

  • Antwerp – Rubenshuis, Rockox Haus, and the Mayer Van den Bergh Museums

    We will begin our tour at Ruben’s House.  Originally purchased in 1610, he lived there with his family for many years.  It would pass through various owners until it’s repurposing […]

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