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Voyage Label: Spring 2017

  • Medical Anthropology [CRN 27334]

    Medical anthropology assesses the influence of culture, society, and the natural environment on the body and human experiences of illness and health. This course will assess a broad range of […]

  • Clothing, Adornment and Human Behavior [CRN 27330]

    Clothing includes modifications made to the physical self (hair color, tanning, tattoos, scarification, perfumes, plastic surgery) and additions to the body (textile coverings, hats, shoes, jewelry, hair clips, false eyelashes, […]

  • Historic Textiles [CRN 27331]

    Textiles provide a window to the history, culture, and contemporary life of diverse societies around the world. We will explore how textile traditions have evolved, particularly as related to trade […]

  • World Interdependence – Current Global Issues (Focus on Migration) [CRN 27365]

    This course will emphasize two themes as the Semester at Sea Voyage moves from port to port. First, we will consider historical and contemporary patterns of migration to the US, […]

  • Advanced Digital Documentary Photography [CRN 27377 Course] [CRN 27381 Lab]

    This is an advanced course in the conceptualization, production, and editing of photographic documentary projects. As the voyage progresses, the course will explore varied approaches to photography as applied in […]

  • Buyer Behavior [CRN 27376]

    This course provides a foundation for the study of consumers in today’s market-based society. The course is intended to help students develop knowledge of factors influencing consumption of goods and […]

  • Environmental Conservation [CRN 27375]

    Earth’s land and water ecosystems depend on climate, the flows of energy and matter, changes in populations of plants and animals, and the influences of humans.  Interactions among all these […]

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