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Semester at Sea Benefits

Enhancing undergraduate education with a semester abroad is a growing trend. Roughly 200,000 U.S. undergraduates study abroad each year, and legislation in the U.S. Congress aims to increase that number to 1 million over the next 10 years.

An educational opportunity outside the United States can be among the most valuable tools for preparing a student to participate effectively in an increasingly interconnected international community that demands cross-cultural skills and knowledge.

A global perspective is a critical asset in an increasingly global marketplace. Potential employers in any field will be impressed by skills that candidates have cultivated overseas. Many reports conclude that study aboard experience is most valuable to those seeking their first job out of college, as it helps to set a candidate apart from the pack. The key to making the most of your Semester at Sea experience is to articulate the skills and proficiencies you’ve gained by spending an academic term with us abroad.

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What is Global Comparative Education?

Global comparative education is a form of international study that identifies and connects the world’s peoples, patterns, cultures, and traditions. Semester at Sea has served as a pioneer and leader in multiple country, comparative education for more than 50 years.

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Outcomes of SAS

  • 97% report Semester at Sea as their most significant college experience
  • 73% report the impact of Semester at Sea has not diminished with time
  • 42% report they spent extended time living and studying in other countries after Semester at Sea
  • 39% report they traveled to revisit and learn more about countries they visited on their voyage
  • 22% report they went on to work outside the U.S. after Semester at Sea
  • Source: Bob Weigl Study, 2009

Academic Benefits

  • Transferable credit from Colorado State University
  • Engaging, intensive interaction with faculty in a living/learning environment
  • First-hand application of theory and methodology in-country
  • Greater knowledge of other cultures and foreign languages
  • Enhanced understanding of developing nations
  • Understanding of the complexity, dynamics, and interdependence of world systems

Personal Development

Semester at Sea is often called a Voyage of Discovery. The opportunity to spend as many as three months outside of your own culture-investigating new lands, new peoples, and new curricula-is a both an immeasurable educational privilege and an invitation to grow.

  • Development of world travel skills
  • Interpersonal development
  • Cognitive-intellectual development
  • Motivational-vocational development
  • Identity development
  • Intercultural development
  • Moral development

Career Benefits

  • Improved leadership and communication skills
  • Greater confidence, self-reliance, and flexibility
  • Better ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • Better coping skills in unfamiliar or challenging situations
  • More adept knowledge of international events
  • Enhanced foreign language skills