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Q&A: What Are You Most Looking Forward to This Voyage?

man-in-the-field-3Summer 2014 voyage has begun! For the 465 college students on board the MV Explorer, the next 10 weeks are filled with settling into to shipboard life, global comparative studies courses, engaging Field Labs in 11 different port cities, and exciting adventures with new friends.

We asked the students–as well as faculty, Lifelong Learners and even some children on the ship–what they were most looking forward to this summer. Here’s what they said.


“I’m looking forward to the unexpected.”
– Heather McColly, Miami University of Ohio

“I’ve never been out of the country before, so I expect lots of adventures.”
— Jenny Benner, Indiana University

QA-upload-Taylor-Vincent“Making the most of every single day on and off the ship.”
– Taylor Vincent, California Polytechnic Institute

QA-upload-3-lll-ladies-2-edit“The Portugal/U.S. World Cup game taking place while we’re in Lisbon on June 22!
— Nancy Tietge, Lifelong Learner

“Reconnecting with professors we met on the Fall 2010 voyage, and meeting new ones.”
— Connie Sween, Lifelong Learner

“The energy of the students on the ship, the faculty, staff and crew‚Ķ It‚Äôs like family. Like coming home.”
— Marillee Carroll, Lifelong Learner

QA please upload Katherine“Seeing and experiencing the different cultures in each port.”
— Katherine Spradling, Furman University

QA-upload-Stephen-Moerane-edit“I have been playing piano for years and Chopin has come to be my favorite musician. He was born in Poland, so I am looking forward to visiting his native country.”
— Stephen Moerane, Whitman College


“All of the amazing ports that I have never been to. I look forward to sharing that experience with students, many of whom are probably visiting those cities for the first time, as well.”
— Geno Carr, Faculty

QA upload girls“Spending two-and-a-half months with my best friend.”
— Hannah Slayton, faculty child

“Everything. I am just so happy to be back on the ship again.”
— Danielle Sanchez, faculty child

QA-upload-leanna“Traveling with my 2- and 4-year-old and experiencing places from their perspective.”
– Leahna Flores, Ship Psychologist

¬†QA-upload-Elizabeth-Paige 2“Actually arriving in each port, watching the land get closer and closer.”
— Elizabeth Eggimann, Pace University

“Making friends that will last a lifetime.”
— Paige Bauer, Azusa Pacific University

Additional reporting and photos by Alexa O’Connell; top photo by Austin Harris.

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