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Semester at Sea partners with The Cruise Maps to offer detailed voyage maps to alumni

Semester at Sea alumni can now commemorate their voyage with high-quality framed voyage maps that showcase the precise route the MV World Odyssey (and they) traveled, including diversions and the occasional weather-related course corrections–and all this thanks to GPS ship-tracking technology and a new partnership. 

Working with The Cruise Maps, a London-based purveyor of custom cruise maps, Semester at Sea alums can now order high-quality custom maps that showcase the exact route they traveled during their voyage. The Cruise Maps uses satellite ship tracking technology from 2015 to today to chart each voyage’s exact route and represent it in beautiful detail. 

The Spring 2024 Voyage, which was diverted to Mozambique due to a cyclone threatening Mauritius, offers a good illustration of the story the GPS data can capture – and tell – on the maps. 

The Semester at Sea voyage maps come in two sizes and either landscape or portrait orientations. They range in price from $61 to $150 and are available framed or unframed. Because the AIS satellite data used to construct the routes only goes back to 2015, only voyages as far back as Spring 2015 are available for order. 

The Cruise Maps contacted Semester at Sea about a potential partnership early in 2024 after being contacted by several alumni requesting maps of their voyage. We will receive a small commission on each purchase that will go to support students and our program. 

“After each voyage, we hear from students, parents, and others looking for a high-quality commemorative item they can hang alongside a diploma to celebrate their semester,” said Jason Hughes, Vice President of Marketing and Recruitment at the Institute for Shipboard Education. “Given the quality of the maps and the story this data can tell, we see this as a perfect way to answer those requests.”

Order your own: Semester at Sea maps beginning with the Spring 2015 voyage are available on The Cruise Maps website. Begin by selecting “MV World Odyssey – Semester at Sea” in the “Ship name” field at the top of the order form.   

More to come: The Cruise Maps and Semester at Sea hope to offer maps for pre-2015 voyages in the near future, among other products. 

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