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Sisters at Sea

Jocelyn and Kendra Brown, sisters sailing with the Summer 2013 Voyage.

Jocelyn Brown, 23, and Kendra Brown, 21, do not share many physical characteristics, even though they are sisters.  Jocelyn is a blonde, brown-eyed former actress who attends The New School University in New York City for creative arts therapy and American Sign Language.  Kendra, a green-eyed brunette has attended the University of Wisconsin РMilwaukee for Journalism and Advertising for the past three years, and plans to transfer the University of Wisconsin РMadison in the fall.

Despite their differences, the two sisters share a beautiful smile attached to an infectious laugh that can only be the result of a sense of humor shared between siblings.

Kendra had initially heard about the SAS program independently and told her sister about the program, although she didn‚Äôt think that Jocelyn would apply. “I saw that they took continuing education students and I was excited because a lot of study abroad programs don’t,” said Jocelyn. “I decided the moment I applied that I was okay with going with my sister.”

“But she didn’t tell me she was applying,” retorted Kendra.¬† ‚ÄúSo when I found out, that is when I lost it.” Kendra was initially taken aback that her sister had applied to the same program, but after talking the decision through with her family, they ultimately decided that it would be a great idea to travel together. “I am glad we came together, because I haven’t gotten anxious the whole time because I had Jocelyn with me.”

Although they deny spending much time together, since boarding the ship, Kendra and Jocelyn have found a common friend group, joined the same fitness organizations, and even sit together in the two classes they share.

The Brown sisters “accidentally” toured Casablanca together and attended a field program together in Greece. However, they do not have much else planned together.

“From the information I have heard about SAS, people have way more fun when they didn’t plan ahead and kind of just go with the flow,” said Jocelyn. “So I am trying really hard just to have that mindset, and if Kendra ends up joining me with that, awesome. If not, that’s great too.”

They were on rivaling teams for the Sea Olympics. Although they are not usually competitive, this particular competition brought out the Brown rivalry. “We are joking competitive,” said Kendra. “We went a little over the top during Sea Olympics, but in the end it was just a good day.”

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