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Spotlighting the Shipboard Community

We have a fantastic group of students and would like to spotlight them!¬† Enjoy 🙂

Matt Solondz says…


-Two things that make me smile on the MV Explorer are the shipboard community (staff, teachers, and friends) and when I wake up for breakfast in a new country every five days and yell “WE ARE HERE!”

-When I get home I’m most excited to live my life and truly see how much my SAS voyage changed me. I know I’m going to take in so much more and notice a lot more of the smaller details than before and I’m excited to see what life will feel like being a new person.

Molly Koshewa says …

-I am excited to see the Parthenon in the next port because it is something I have always read about and dream about going. Plus, Greek Mythology has always intrigued me and I am finally going to see these mythology stories come to life.

– When I get home, I want to tell people about SAS and encourage study abroad programs to encourage a better understanding of the world and globalization. I will take these ideas to my future students when I become a teacher and showing them why it is important to learn about other countries.

Sammy A. Lam says …

-When I get back home I plan on traveling the world through Semester at Sea again or through other wonderful programs. This is because the more I travel the more addicting it becomes!

-Two things that make me smile….

1. I am in the middle of the ocean studying and soon I will arrive in another port.

2. There are intriguing courses, and a really relaxing sea!

Tim Godfrey says ….

-       I’m excited to tour all historical sites I’ve been learning so much about in global studies.

-       Two things that make me smile…

All the fellow voyagers and friendly staff I’ve met keep a smile on my face.

Shane Sims says …

-       When I get home, I think I will be a more confident and knowledgeable individual. I will be more confident in that I have seen more, experienced more, and met more people. All of these gains let me draw on understating my surroundings and the world I live in. When I understand more, it is easier for me to make good choices and have confidence in those choices.

-       Two things that make me smile…

1.     The kids make me smile cause they are hilarious.

2.     The crew makes me smile because they are very good at what they do and they are always kind.



Ashley Feder says…


-My SAS bucket list is to go to a black sand beach in Santorini.

-Two things that make me smile…Rufus and Vladamir

-I am inspired to become a part of the “Gap” program and I’m truly excited to share my experiences with my university back home. I believe that everyone should have this great experience in life; it will truly change you.

Meghan Andryski says…

-On my SAS bucket list are things I wanted to make sure I saw on board:

-The sunset on the ocean = complete

-The sun rise in port while docking = pending

-See the natural beauty of the Mediterranean world = In progress

After this trip my bucket list will have many things checked off thanks to Semester at Sea.

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