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Souls of the Ship – Spring 2013 72-Hour Film Festival Winner

A beautiful story about connections spanning generations aboard the MV Explorer, Souls of the Ship was voted Best Film during Semester at Sea's Unreasonable 72-Hour Film Festival.  In this unique challenge, the shipboard community was given a set of criteria in which to make a short film within the span of 72 hours which included our day in Mauritius.

Some of the criteria for the films included:
– The use of the words “A ship is safest in port, but that's not why ships are built.”
– The use of a Green Sheet and a foreign can of soda as props.
– The use of the words “Semester at Sea” and “Unreasonable” (can you spot it?)
– Teams of less than 10 people.
– Final length under 5 minutes.

13 films, ranging from comedies to dramas and documentaries made the final cut and were shown in front of a packed Union.  Congratulations to director Brendan Poutier and team for winning Best Film, Best Use of Prop, and the Audience Award.  For their efforts, they get the prized Special Dinner for their entire team.

Below are the rest of the winning entries:

Best Overall Film
Souls of the Ship
Brendan Poutier, Allie Webber, Elise Andrade, Dante Elisei, Carly Campbell, Travor Brannen, Donna Tovey, Jim Tisdale

Best Director
Brendan Poutier – Souls of the Ship

Best Performance (Award given by Microsoft Xbox)
Huw Rees-Jones – SAS Survivor

Best Use of Prop(s)
Souls of the Ship – Green Sheet

Best Use of Line
Random Roommates
Jim Finley, Bronco Owens, Gemme Heuer, Nicole Small

Best Use of Semester at Sea/Unreasonable at Sea
One Mission
Lindsery Posmanick, Ben Guild, Carolina Monteiro do Rosario, Chris Schluter

Best Documentary
Tori Vogel
Leana Hardgrave, Victoria Vale, Kaitlyn Lagman, Carrie Soo Hoo, Tori Vogel

Best Community Involvement
The Advice
Sara Gaechter, Christine Madsen, Derek O'Diell

Best Message
One Mission
Lindsery Posmanick, Ben Guild, Carolina monteiro do Rosario, Chris Schluter

Audience Award
Souls of the Ship

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