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Spring 2017 disembarks in Germany

Spring 2017 Disembarkation
Voyagers reunite with loved ones

The MV World Odyssey is docked in Hamburg, Germany, finals are officially over (whew!), and the Spring 2017 Voyage has come to an end!

SP17 Disembarkation Luggage
Spring 2017 students find their luggage and make their way through customs and immigration.

The disembarkation festivities kicked off a few days early at the alumni ball and dinner—but yesterday, as voyagers packed their luggage, now stuffed to the brim with trinkets and gifts from across the world, the fact that their voyage is over hit home. Over the course of 105 days, the Spring 2017 Voyage traveled over 23,000 nautical miles, crossed both the equator and prime meridian, and ported in ten different destinations across four continents—North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. It truly was a trip across the world.

Thank you Staculty, Voyagers, Lifelong Learners, Crew, and everyone who made the Spring 2017 Voyage the experience of a lifetime!

Kevin Coltrain, University of Miami

“Semester at Sea is an experience that you cannot describe to someone, but a situation where only alumni of SAS know how it feels to embark on such a journey.¬† For this, even when we step foot off of the ship, and the voyage comes to a close, the special bond that has formed within each and every member of the shipboard community will last forever.¬† And the knowledge and experience will not only allow us to continue onto new endeavors we never could have imagined, but also gives us the opportunity to show others how special our world is.” ‚ÄîKevin Coltrain, University of Miami

Krista Flagg, Spring 2017 Student

“Traveling in a community of 700 people enriched my experiences by allowing me to reflect and compare adventures in each country with the rest of the shipboard community. Although I’m sad the semester is ending, this voyage has definitely sparked in me a deepened interest in exploring Asia and Africa.” – Krista Flagg, Gap Year Student

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