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Spring 2018 Disembarks in Portugal

Spring 2018 Voyagers said goodbye (for now) to the MV World Odyssey

Disembarkation — the day all voyagers dread, when bags are packed, goodbyes are made, tears are shed, and cell phone service starts to work again. After diverting to Lisbon, Portugal due to weather concerns, taking final exams, and enjoying the end of voyage festivities at the Alumni Ball and convocation, the Spring 2018 Voyage officially drew to a close Wednesday, April 18.

Spring 2018 Voyagers left the MV World Odyssey after traveling to 11 countries, 15 cities, and four continents over the course of 101 days. Voyage Executive Dean John Burkoff had some parting words for voyagers, urging them to embrace the challenges, joys, and responsibilities that come with being Semester at Sea alumni and citizens of the world:

‚ÄúThink of all the extraordinary things we‚Äôve done in the last four months. We‚Äôve studied and traveled and explored and discovered together. We‚Äôve laughed and we‚Äôve cried and we‚Äôve joked and we‚Äôve complained together, and we‚Äôve ‚Äî some of us more than others ‚Äî partied together. Hey, we‚Äôve sailed around the damned Earth together! And we‚Äôve each been a part of a very special community… together.‚Äù

As students, staff, and faculty leave Lisbon for their various homeports around the world, they join a community of over 68,000 Voyagers who have set sail with Semester at Sea and still keep in touch with through alumni reunions and travel programs.

Safe travels back home, Spring 2018 Voyagers, and know that the adventure doesn’t end here.

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