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Spring 2020 Voyage: (Update) South Africa Disembarkation

We diligently follow U.S State Department advisories. The latest State Department/CDC advisory makes it irresponsible to continue with the voyage to any other port and beyond a disembarkation date of March 25. The COVID-19 has profoundly impacted not only our Spring 2020 Voyage, but also individuals and industries around the world.

We have collaborated with our academic partner, Colorado State University, to offer a remote solution to finishing the remaining course requirements. Voyagers will still need to participate in all remaining field classes and planned field programs in South Africa between March 14-23. On-ship time remains the same, on March 23, with the Crew Talent Show scheduled for that evening. We have reserved March 24 for packing, re-entry programming, and the Alumni Ball. Disembarkation begins at 0800 on March 25. Similar to many higher education institutions across the United States, students will be completing the remaining coursework remotely between March 26 and April 20.

Please see the updated itinerary below and the updated academic calendar.

  • March 14-23: Cape Town, South Africa
  • March 23, 1700: On-ship time
  • March 24: Packing, re-entry programming, and Alumni Ball
  • March 25, 0800-1200: Disembarkation
  • March 26-April 20: Online/remote completion of the academic program

I extend my thanks to our faculty and staff for their tireless efforts to deliver amidst the ever-changing educational program and provide support to our Student Voyagers. Our shipboard Leadership Team has my sincere gratitude for their planning over the last two years to prepare for this voyage and leadership during the unpredictable series of events.

Most importantly, I offer my deepest gratitude to the Student Voyagers and Lifelong Learners for their resilience and care for each other.

Thank you,

Scott Marshall, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Institute for Shipboard Education/Semester at Sea®

For more information about the Spring 2020 program, please visit the voyage page.

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