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Stockholm and Area Islands in Photos

Three different cameras and three different experiences over three days in Stockholm and its environs. We, the communications team on the Summer 2014 voyage, snapped away as we visited the city’s museums, cobblestone streets, interesting sights and serene archipelago.

Fåfängan hill provides a fantastic view over Stockholm, showcasing the castle on Kastellholmen and the Gröna Lund amusement park.
View of Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan) from the park next to City Hall. Kayaking is a popular activity on warm summer days.
Vertical 1
On the left, this statue stands outside the Stadshuskallaren restaurant at Stockholm City Hall, location of the banquet following the presentation of Nobel prizes on December 10. At right, a hot air balloon rises over the tree line as the sun sets and the moon rises. The balloons were a nightly occurrence and could be seen from Deck 7 on the MV Explorer.
Inside the Nobel Museum, quintessential items from many of the Nobel Laureates are on display.  These items belonged to the Dalai Lama, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989.
The Nordiska Museet (Nordic Museum) houses Sweden’s largest collection of cultural history. Everything from table settings to folk art lives in the palatial building, which was designed to look like a “fairy castle” to draw people in.
On Dalarö, a small island south of Stockholm popular among vacationing Swedes in the summer months, local kitesurfers came out in droves to take advantage of a particularly windy afternoon.
Canoeing the bright blue waters off of Dalarö.
From Skansen’s open-air museum, which describes itself as “Sweden in a nutshell,” the views looking toward Gamla Stan and Malm.
Some visitors to Smådalarö Gard, one of just a few of hotel options on Dalarö, arrive by boat.
Vertical 2
Narrow cobblestone street in Gamla Stan (Old Town Stockholm). At right, the public gardens of Rosendals-trädgärd, where visitors can pick bouquets of wildflowers and pay per stem.
All over the Stockholm archipelago are little “sauna huts” on the shore. Swedes sit in the toasty saunas and then jump in the cool water, which is said to improve circulation and cardiovascular function. Plus, it just feels good!
Skansen is the world’s first open-air museum, founded in 1891 and home to buildings from country areas all over Sweden. Most of the buildings in Skansen have been moved in sections and re-erected in accordance to gardens, countryside and historical setting.
Ancient Rune stone encountered by students participating in the “Wildlife Safari at Night” field program.
Twilight on Dalarö, whose population is 2,000 in the winter but balloons to 15,000 in the summer.
The sun sets behind the spires of Stockholm’s old town, as viewed from the Fotografiska¬†photography museum.
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