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Student Photo Gallery: Cuba

The Fall 2013 voyage‚Äôs students captured the timeless essence of Cuba, its culture and its people during their three-day visit and exploration of Havana and its surrounding areas. “It was, without a doubt, one of my favorite ports during the voyage,” said Melody Jacobs, a junior at the Univ. of Virginia. “The people were so welcoming and open. They were interested in showing us around. ¬†The colors, the music, the culture, and the history are so complex. I really learned and saw so much there.” The result of the visit is captured in these student photos.

The entrance to the Havana baseball stadium that welcomed over 400 SAS students during their visit to Cuba. During the game, the students taught their Cuban peers how to do the wave. Afterwards, they were allowed to enter the field, run the bases and meet the Cuban teams. Photos by Trevor Cramer of San Diego State University
The Cuban flag hangs at one of the main Univ. of Havana buildings that was the location for the welcoming ceremony for the SAS visitors. Photo by Bryan Cargill of University of Oregon
A pre-1962 automobile drives by the very modern MV Explorer as it waits in the harbor in Havana. Photo by Lauren DeLeo of Syracuse University
The Cuban flag flies above the MV Explorer, the first time the flag has flown on the ship in nine years, since its last visit in 2004. Photo by Ashley Lushinsky of University of North Dakota
Payphones are still commonly used throughout Cuba as the country is slowly integrating cellphones. Photo by Sarah Bond of Penn State Univ.
A Cuban gentleman relaxes near a statue in old Havana, which is nearly 500 years old. Photo by Lauren DeLeo of Syracuse University
The fort at the entrance to Havana harbor is seen from a decaying wall just outside. Photo by Dani Ferraro of University of Miami
Sunset over a lighthouse near the fort at the harbor entrance. Photo by Ashley Lushinsky of University of North Dakota
A fishing boat in the Havana harbor. Photo by Kaitlyn Squanda of Alma College
Many of the cars in Cuba are pre-1962, the year the U.S. initiated its embargo on the socialist country, making importing American cars impossible. But many of the cars have modern engines designed especially to fit the cars or cobbled together from various parts. Photo by Jordan Parvex of Syracuse University
An internet cafe with an image of Che Guevara and 1990s computers. Photo by Cody Varela of University of California Santa Barbara
Many of the taxis in Cuba are classic cars and a ride in them is like a step back in time. Photo by Jackie Robertson of Boston University
A view of old Havana from inside a CoCo taxi (a taxi shaped like a coconut). Photo by Kaitlyn Squanda of Alma College
Inside one of the many classic cars in old Havana. Photo by Jackie Robertson of Boston University
Cuba is known worldwide for its cigars and tobacco production. Photo by Aylin Ozyigit of Penn State University
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