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Students Escape the Big City of Athens

After students leave the “hustle and the bustle” of the big city of Athens, Greece, they descend on the small and quite islands of Hyra, Poros and Aegina. Cars and trucks are at a minimum on these small and distant islands and mules or donkeys are normal. Students spent time swimming in clear blue waters, exploring shops and art galleys, and enjoying the local fresh seafood.
As students finish lunch on the island of Hydra, mules walk by carrying luggage to hotels. Only a few cars are located on this small Greek island, and most of those cars are city owed or work vehicles.
Student Macy Stack from Sacramento City College¬†stands overlooking the natural beauty of the small island of Poros. Macy has a hand written sign that reads, “giving” to show family and friends back home about her amazing journey around the world.
Stopping for a break on the small island of Hydra, students walk to a small beach area known for its crystal blue waters and beautiful rock formations.
Students explore The Sanctuary of Aphaia on Aegina. These temples were the center of the ancient Greek communities and culture.
A guide discusses the layout of The Sanctuary of Aphaia. The temple dates back to 490-480 BC.
After the students explored three of the thousands of Greek Island, there was a feeling among the students of “wanting more” of this incredible part of the world and its ancient history.
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