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Students Tour Marketing Firm and Earn Big With Their Ideas

Students in Mark Peters’ class discuss their recent field lab to Monk Brand Engagement.

Students in Mark Peters’ International Marketing class got the chance to pitch their ideas on brand marketing to an international marketing firm while on a field lab in London.

Monk Brand Engagement is one of the fastest growing marketing firms in London, representing international clients like Research in Motion (the producers of Blackberry). While visiting the marketing firm, students heard from the founders of the company to hear their personal and professional stories of growth, and how they got to where they are today.

“I thought Matt’s life story was pretty inspirational,” said Barrett Corwin, a senior at the University of Denver majoring in hospitality. “He told us the story of his first day at work and how he didn’t really know exactly what he was doing. It’s nice to know that someone can have that much success and not know what they’re doing on their first day.”

After hearing presentations, the students were given a very special treat‚ÄîMonk Brand Engagement had a contest to see which group of students could create the best pitch for a viral video promoting Pioneer’s new product, WeGo. The marketing firm also offered a prize to the winning group: 200 pounds.

A group of six students who won the contest came up with the idea to create a video that focused on a grandson visiting his grandfather in a nursing home, where the grandson introduces his grandpa to his new WeGo on his visit. After the grandson leaves for lunch, he comes back to find his grandfather has created a party in the nursing home’s cafeteria, complete with flashing lights, using the WeGo.

“They said we won on the ‘fun’ factor, just because it would’ve been so fun to film,” said Shelby Roper, a business administration junior from the University of Georgia.

The win was within one point from the other teams, added Peters.

‚ÄúThey were communicating that your ideas are valuable,‚Äù said Peters to his class. ‚ÄúThey paid for your ideas.”

While the chance to see how international marketing works first-hand was invaluable, it also helped some students get a glimpse of what the future may hold for them.

“Getting a chance to actually see how an international marketing firm engages on a daily basis gives us a taste of what we could do in our careers,” said Sean Harrington, a junior from Bentley University.

After the tour, the students were encouraged to connect personally with the founders of the company by finding them on LinkedIn.

‚ÄúA day with Monk Brand Engagement exceeded my already high expectations for engaging with a dynamic entrepreneurial international marketing firm,‚Äù Peters said. ‚ÄúThe students were inspired to know appropriate entrepreneurial risk can have great rewards, although not without hard work.”

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