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  • “Just Be At Sea”: The Impact of Semester at Sea

    Each voyage touches and shapes every student differently, but for Ari Gootnick, the Fall 2015 voyage was particularly life changing. His experience inspired him to document how the voyage has […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest April 4-15

    And that’s a wrap! Tomorrow the shipboard community arrives in Southampton, England marking the end of the Spring 2016 Semester at Sea voyage. Take a look at what students experienced […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest March 28-April 3

    And just like that we’re in transit to our last port, Casablanca! After five days in Ghana, members of the shipboard community experienced life-changing service and volunteer work. From spending time at the […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest March 21-March 28

    As the shipboard community completed their travels in Cape Town, South Africa and made their way to Ghana, sadly, the Spring 2016 Voyage has almost come to an end.  As […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest March 7-March 21

    Head shaving for a Semester at Sea tradition, reflecting on India and saying a quick hello to Mauritius make for an exciting transit to Cape Town, South Africa! Catch up with […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest Feb. 29-March 6

    From India to Neptune Day, this past week has been a whirlwind! Students finished up their journeys in India and returned home to the MV World Odyssey with amazing stories and […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest Feb. 23-Feb. 28

    Here is another look at all of our great adventures in Myanmar. From IMPACT programs to an inside look at media systems in a developing country, the shipboard community has […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest Feb. 15-Feb. 22

    This week students prepared for their travels in Myanmar.  From ballooning in Bagan, to exploring Inle Lake by boat, the shipboard community truly experienced Myanmar culture.  Stay tuned for pictures and […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest Feb. 7- Feb. 14

    The MV World Odyssey is making its way to Myanmar! Vietnam was beautiful and many were sad to leave.  In the five day stretch to Myanmar the shipboard community competed in Sea Olympics.  Check out our […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Student Digest Jan. 19-22

    As the MV World Odyssey nears the coast of Japan, 12 days after departing Honolulu, the shipboard community is finishing up midterms and finalizing their plans for Japan. High seas did […]

  • A Little Piece of Home: The Spring 2016 Voyage Embarks

    Students setting sail on the Spring 2016 Voyage described it as an emotional roller coaster, and rightfully so. As buses pushed away from the Hilton Bayfront, San Diego the morning of […]

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Student Digest Jan. 11-18

    As we continue into week two of the Spring 2016 Voyage, students are beginning to get their sea legs.  After a day in Hawaii, the MV World Odyssey began its 11 […]

  • A Look at the Spring 2016 Voyage

    Who comprises the community on the Spring 2016 Semester at Sea Voyage? We have a diverse group of students representing more than 30 countries. Take a look at our infographic!

  • SAS Spring 2016 Voyage Digest: Jan. 5-10

    As the Spring 2016 Voyage around the world begins, students are beginning to make the transition into their new home–the MV World Odyssey.  With Hawaii only a day away students […]

  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Dec 1 – 14

    As the Fall 2015 Voyage comes to its final week at sea, students, faculty, staff, and crew are enjoying their last days together onboard the MV World Odyssey. Don’t miss […]

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