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  • Video: Malaysia

    In this video Matt Kottenstette talks about his desire to someday return to Malaysia. His Semester at Sea experience has taken him from Morocco to Ghana to South Africa, Mauritius, India and now beyond. But it was in Malaysia that these experiences began to not only stand on their own, but form a continuum for Matt. He’s learned from the progression of cultures he’s encountered and recognizes so many more within the people of Malaysia.

  • Student Video: Eyes on the World

    Like many of us, Alanah Rodriguez Aleman is no stranger to hearing her mother remind her to keep her eyes open. Looking beyond the literal translation of those admonishments, she interprets it through the lens of a global Semester at Sea voyage instead. Alannah is a student on the Fall 2011 voyage.

  • Extended Family Is A Perfect Compliment On Semester At Sea

    Written by: Tim Godfrey (Student) I never thought I would be able to periodically sit down and eat dinner with my entire family throughout my Semester at Sea voyage. One […]

  • Surfing in Morocco-Awesome Way to End the Voyage

    Written by: Eileen Proto (Student)  After 5 days at sea I was looking forward to Morocco and all the exciting things to do there. After speaking with many professors and […]

  • Bulgarian Surprise

    Written by: Karyn Planett (Alumni and Lifelong Learner) OK, so there weren’t any pyramids.  Oh, wait, that’s not right.  Bulgaria does have pyramids (kinda).  Visually they’re rather different than those […]

  • Spotlighting the Shipboard Community

    We have a fantastic group of students and would like to spotlight them!  Enjoy 🙂 Matt Solondz says…   -Two things that make me smile on the MV Explorer are […]

  • Lifelong Learner’s Second Time Sailing with Students

    Written by: Soni Feld (Lifelong Learner) It appears that I must have really enjoyed my prior experiences as a Lifelong Learner since here I am again! I had originally learned […]

  • Pompeii-Students Use Their Imaginations

    Written by: Julia Hansen (Faculty) A small theatre used for music concerts. Wood-fired ovens. Public fountains. Frescoes of fresh bread, and erotic frescoes. Pedestrian crosswalks. Atriums. A sauna. The grooves […]

  • Video: From Galley to Plate – the food of Semester at Sea

    Feeding the entire shipboard community on a Semester at Sea voyage is no small task. Go behind the scenes and behind the buffet line to meet the chef and see his staff at work as they prepare hot, fresh, and delicious meals for everyone onboard.

  • ¡¡Viva Barcelona y el SAS!!

    Aboard the MV Explorer on the Mediterranean Dear SAS Summer 2011 Shipboard Community, As the Nassau-to-Barcelona leg of our voyage together draws to a close, I wanted to take a […]

  • Video: Exploring the Catalan Coast

    Students on the Summer 2011 voyage of Semester at Sea explored the Catalan Coast with professor Sian Davies-Vollum.

  • Position Report: Barcelona, Spain

      Latitude:  41º 21’ N Longitude:  2º 10′ E Average Speed: 21 knots Distance made good since embarkation: 3,728 nautical miles

  • An Unusual Class on Semester at Sea

      Written by Carli Antor (Student) As I walked into my second Human and Society class, taught by Professor Timko, I was expecting to be able to quickly take my […]

  • Slideshow: Learning is a two way street

    Maymester voyagers shared a day with students in Honduras and Guatemala where they were given the chance to teach and be taught by the children and their humble surroundings.

  • Slideshow: The Trinidad Experience

    Students from Semester at Sea’s first ever Maymester Voyage talk about their impressions of the voyage’s first port, Trinidad & Tobago.

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