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  • The Spring 2012 Voyage Says Goodbye

    This semester’s 570 students disembarked this week in San Diego, heading out towards their futures with an international and interconnected outlook on life. The 108th voyage of Semester at Sea has officially come to an end after 105 days, 12 countries, and 25,000 nautical miles around the world.

  • The 6th Deck Museum of Art

    Semester at Sea offers students classes in nearly every discipline, including art. Using the world as a classroom, students soaked up inspiration from the Amazon River to the Singapore Zoo […]

  • Pulitzer-Prize Winning Poet Joins S12 Faculty

    The Spring 2012 voyage brought together a host of incredible faculty members on-board the MV Explorer including Paul Muldoon, the distinguished poetry editor at The New Yorker and recipient of […]

  • Work of the World

    Travel isn’t sight-seeing. Travel is experiencing. The Spring 2012 itinerary brought students to dozens of cities on 4 different continents in order to see firsthand how life takes place around […]

  • Student Photos – Japan

    Konnichiwa from Japan, the final foreign country on the Spring 2012 itinerary. Students set out to soak in as much of Japan as possible, taking the transportation of tomorrow to […]

  • Student Story: Sailing Down the Amazon

    Will Haddad, a cinema major from McDaniel College, cut this video of footage from his riverboat trip on the Amazon earlier this semester. Students spent 3 days and 2 nights […]

  • Meditation Appreciation

    Students in World Prayer class visited Kamakura, a former seat of power in the Shogun Era, to spend an afternoon understanding the essentials of Zen meditation at the 676-year-old Chōju-ji […]

  • Student Story: Tsukiji Fish Market

    Tokyo’s Tsukiji neighborhood is home to the world’s largest fish market, which pushes upwards of $5.5 billion worth of seafood each year. Jeremy Zelikovic (Chapman University), Mary Whit Danielson (University […]

  • Wabi-Sabi Tea Time

    The British break for tea time, Indians commune over chai, but Japan takes the simple process of drinking tea to an art form. While in Japan, students in Anthropology of […]

  • Student Story: Modern China

    Eshley Spitzer, from Indiana Universiy – Bloomington, has been writing weekly columns about her Semester at Sea experience for her campus newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student. Read her impression of […]

  • First Tom Joyner Scholars Add HBCU to SAS

    Many students have heard of Semester at Sea from classmates for years, but that’s not the case for every student at every school—notably at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). […]

  • Student Photos: Spring 2012 China

    Ni Hao from China, home to 20% of the world’s population. The MV Explorer docked in both rapidly changing Shanghai and equally fast-paced Hong Kong, and students set off for […]

  • Join the Shipboard Auction

    Now’s your chance to claim a piece of the Spring 2012 voyage. If you’ve been following the blog from your States-side office, you can now bid on Ghanaian drums, Vietnamese […]

  • Traveling the World with the Portuguese Empire

    While walking around in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, art history students strolled into a perfect example of class material. The wavy black-and-white bricks that dominated the city center […]

  • Open Ships Flip the Script & Lets the World Learn about SAS

    While Semester at Sea students head down the gangway to explore each new country, there’s often a crew of new students climbing up the stairs to take their place for […]

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