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  • International Law framed through photos of the Vietnam War

    For U.S. students studying abroad on the Fall 2018 Voyage of Semester at Sea, the story of the Vietnam War has been ingrained through history classes, remembrances, and popular culture, […]

  • Discovering theatre in Vietnam

    Theatre and performance can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. According to Introduction to Theatre professor Dr. Megan Lewis, you can learn a lot about a culture from how they act […]

  • Life Along the Mekong Delta Homestay Field Program

    The Mekong Delta River could very well be deemed the “lifeblood” of south-western Vietnam. Citizens of the Mekong Delta region not only rely on the river for resources and transportation […]

  • Ho Chi Minh: What’s In a Name?

    For Dr. Pamela Hollie’s International Mass Communications course, the classroom came to life during their field class in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. “We learned a lot about Ho Chi […]

  • MV World Odyssey arrives in Vietnam

    At 12:00 hours on Tuesday, November 14, the MV World Odyssey reached Ho Chi Minh City, the capital city of Vietnam and where students will start exploring the sixth port […]

  • Student Snapchat Takeover: Vietnam

    The MV World Odyssey is home to not just brilliant scholars, but amazingly creative students as well. Look no further than the Spring 2017 Semester at Sea hashtag (#sassp17) on […]

  • Spring 2017 visits Vietnam

    Xin chào from Vietnam! The MV World Odyssey docked in Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, at 1200 on Friday, Feb. 10. Ho Chi Minh is located in Southern […]

  • Cambodia: A Student’s Perspective

    Written by student, Matt Kreiser, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Three days in Cambodia was a whirlwind emotionally, physically and spiritually. The journey began with a flight late in the […]

  • Exploring the Mekong Delta

    While in Vietnam, Spring 2015 voyagers got the chance to explore the Mekong Delta, where they visited a floating market and enjoyed a homestay with a Vietnamese family. Connor Roe […]

  • My Wonder Of The World

    By now, I have come to the stunned realization, that I continue to evolve into a different and better person as I journey around the world on the Spring 2015 […]

  • A Day of Spanish…In Vietnam

    When others ask about my time in Vietnam, I have many wonderful things to say. I ate delicious pho, crossed a street through a river of motorbikes, and bargained my […]

  • Student Perspective: Maison Chance and the Politics of Developing Areas

    During the Spring Voyage’s stop in Ho Chi Minh City, professor Krista Wiegand from the University of Tennessee took her Politics of Developing Areas class to Maison Chance, an NGO […]

  • 2014 Founders Week: My SAS Moment

    Did you ever have one moment on your Semester at Sea voyage that will stay with you forever? Listen to Fall 2014 student Tyler Hallmark from the University of Colorado […]

  • Global Music: The Universal Language – Part 2

    Join global music professor Ingrid Byerly and her Breaking Sound Barriers music class, as they receive a lesson in traditional Vietnamese music from SOUL music academy’s founder Thanh Bui. After […]

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