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The College Tour: Coffee with the Semester at Sea President

The college tour with Scott Marshall

On Wednesday, March 29th, we officially launched our episode of The College Tour: Semester at Sea! 

Since premiering on YouTube, over 4,000 viewers have tuned in to watch the full 30-minute episode about 10 voyager stories highlighting the Semester at Sea experience.

Prior to the launch, The College Tour host, Alex Boylan, caught up with Institute of Shipboard Education President and CEO Scott Marshall for a segment of “Coffee with the President.”

During this conversation, Alex and Scott discuss what makes Semester at Sea a one-of-a-kind study abroad program. 

“In simple terms, there is nothing like it, and therefore it is hard to describe in a short sentence,” Scott Marshall says. “But it is the most transformative experience any college student could ever experience.” 

Scott shares “the secret sauce” that makes Semester at Sea such a life-changing experience. He describes that beyond the travel to 8-10 countries and academic courses, it’s the tight-knit community formed on the ship during the voyage. And building these lifelong relationships is part of the tremendous impact this program has on Semester at Sea alumni.

“By the time you’re graduating school, it’s important to have a great story. That story is going to be really important for the next step of getting that job and building those relationships and connections.” Alex Boylan explains. “And what happens on Semester at Sea is in one semester, you’re going to have more stories to talk about because of all the different and amazing cultures, countries, and everything you get to experience.”

Alex concludes the segment by saying, “It’s magical what’s happening on Semester at Sea. And I can’t wait for the world to see this episode.”

Watch the full segment of The College Tour: Coffee with the Semester at Sea President:

Learn more about our full episode and student segments of The College Tour: Semester at Sea.

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