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The Importance of Visiting Brazil

manaus on the Amazon River
Port city of Manaus

On December 30, 2011, the The MV Explorer will enter the Amazon River in Northern Brazil for the first Enrichment Voyage visit to Brazil since 2008.

It is incredibly important for us to understand and visit this burgeoning economic powerhouse and strategic ally of the United States.  The economy of Brazil is currently the world’s seventh largest by nominal GDP and by purchasing power parity.  Brazil has the largest economy of Latin America and the second largest economy in the Western Hemisphere.  In the decades to come, experts estimate that Brazil will become one of the top five largest economies in the world.  In 2009, the World Economic Forum declared that Brazil was the top country in upward evolution of competitiveness, overcoming Russia, China, and India.

In the new millennium, local companies in Brazil have become globalized and Brazil has developed a sophisticated technological center.  Brazil develops projects that range from submarines to aircrafts and is involved in modern space research.  Brazil is also an innovator in the field of deep water oil research, where up to 73% of its reserves are extracted.  Because of these advances, this progressive economy has cultivated significant foreign direct investment.


Aside from Brazil’s large petroleum reserves, the country is also a leader in alternative energy.  Hydroelectric power currently accounts for over 80% of the nation’s electricity and beginning in the 1970s, Brazil has developed additional sources of alternative energy including sugar cane ethanol and wind-only energy resources.  Agriculture and cattle-raising has been the most dynamic sector of the Brazilian economy in recent years.  Experts estimate that this sector has grown by about 46% in the last decade.


Economic Equality

Brazil is also one of the few countries that have successfully managed to reduce income inequality as a result of the global recession.  The government of President Lula and successive governments have managed to improve the education, health, and living standards of millions of citizens in Brazil.  Today, Brazil has a large and consistently growing middle class.

Major Sporting Venue

For sports fans across the world, Brazil will be a major future tourist destination.  Brazil has won bids to host the 2014 Football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic games.  The aforementioned sporting events will be additional boosts to this already strong economy and garner international attention for Brazil.  The Brazilian soccer team will likely be the favorites to win the World Cup in 2014.

What are you waiting for?

The December 2011 Enrichment Voyage is a great way for individuals to visit this developing nation and learn first-hand about its history, culture, economy, and biodiversity.  Onboard this special Enrichment Voyage will be a Portuguese language instructor and various experts in Brazilian politics, history, and culture to guide and instruct our passengers about the wonders of this special country.  Join us aboard the MV Explorer as we travel down the Amazon River and visit the Brazilian ports of Manaus and Santarém.

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