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Top-Ten Tuesdays: Chinese Wonders

The MV Explorer docked at Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong as the light show begins.

We will take so many wonderful memories away from our six days in China, but here are some highlights from our two latest ports:

1.     Arriving in Hong Kong to see the amazing skyline and the evening lightshow over the city – all visible from the decks of our very own MV Explorer’s berth in port!

2.     Joining a field program out to Lantau Island to see an ancient fishing village and the world’s largest outdoor Buddha.

3.     Visiting one of the world’s largest factory complexes in Shenzhen on mainland China and witnessing both the extraordinary growth of the Chinese manufacturing sector, as well of the realities of mass production organizations.

4.     Cheering as some students were reunited with their parents who joined them on the Fall 2011 Parents’ Trip.

5.     Participating in any of the several Semester at Sea trips that visited perhaps the most famous Wonder of the World – the Great Wall.

6.     Seeing the terracotta warriors of Xi’an.

7.     Taking a river cruise from Guilin to Yangshou and hiking the terraced rice fields of Longji in Southern China.

8.     Exploring the gorgeous and tranquil Yu Yuan gardens of Shanghai, situated in the middle of the lively Old Town Bazaar.

9.     Walking along the Bund in Shanghai and witnessing the remarkable evolution of the city.  Across the river from this path, just twenty years ago everything in sight had been farmland.  Now, it is one of the world’s must bustling financial centers.

10.  Leaving China thrilled about the small part each of us was able to see, and excited to return for further adventures

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