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Top-Ten Tuesdays: Things to Do With 18 Days at Sea

Head Librarian Andrew Sallans and his wife Michelle enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with their extended family aboard the MV Explorer

With all of the activities we have packed into the eighteen-day Pacific crossing, (in addition to our one-day stop in Hilo,) it is a wonder people have any time at all.

1. Catching up on all the work and homework we have.  Every spot on the ship is packed with people reading, writing, working on group projects and practicing presentations.

2. The Shipboard Auction – a live and silent auction raised thousands of dollars for the Semester at Sea Scholarship Fund and gave the entire community a night of enjoyment.

3. The Talent Show – with performers like the Sea Squirts and our own Justin Beiber doppelganger, there was not a bored person on the ship that night.

4. Thanksgiving Dinner! – our chef and crew created a Thanksgiving feast for us the night before arrival in Hawaii, merging all the classics with a few we have picked up along the way (curried stuffing.)

5. The Amazing Race – since we are completing our own voyage around the world, our Sea Council brought the game to us and teams competed for the ultimate prize: first off the ship in Hilo.

6. LipDub Рthe ENTIRE community Рstudents, staff, faculty, Lifelong Learners and crew Рare coming together to create a video of the voyage which no one will forget.  Be on the lookout for it later this week!

7. The Alumni Ball – dinner, dancing, and memories of our voyage will mark this night, one of the most favorite Semester at Sea traditions.

8. Reflections – eighteen days out at sea has given us some time to begin processing all that we have seen and experienced.

9. Planning for Costa Rica and Honduras – eco-adventures, town visits and wildlife exploration are all in the works for these tropical wonderlands.

10. Making every moment count – we are all taking advantage of our time left on the MV Explorer, whether by having deep conversations late into the night, practicing the languages we have learned along the way. or taking our work outside to enjoy those sunsets one only finds at sea.


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